Professional, gentle and reliable grooming care for your beloved feline in your home!

A Kitty Clips’ mobile grooming appointment, scheduled at your convenience and in your home, allows your cat to feel safe and secure in familiar surroundings, while avoiding a stressful car ride and time waiting in a grooming salon. With our expertise, your kitty will be skillfully groomed with little or no stress.

For each grooming appointment, we provide a groomer and an assistant to ensure that the grooming is as quick, gentle, and efficient as possible.

Our services allow you to watch and participate in reassuring your cat that all is well; this also helps to further lower the stress levels for your fabulous feline. No stress, no trauma, just happy owners and cats, which of course makes us happy groomers!

Service area: Calgary

For info/to book: please see our Contact Us page.

How to prepare for our visit

Our needs are simple: we require a quiet, well-lit and preferably a non-carpeted area (to ease clean-up) to work in with an electrical outlet. Kitchens, dining areas, and front foyers are popular choices and we tidy up when we are finished. Please note: we do not groom outdoors or in garages and prefer to not work in confined spaces such as bathrooms.

As we want to reduce unnecessary stimulation and stress for your cat, we ask that other pets, small children, and avoidable noises not be in the grooming area and that an adult that the cat knows, likes, trusts stays to help support your kitty during the grooming.

Please ensure that you and your kitty will be at the ready and easily found in time for our appointment. (A charge of 50% of the booked service will apply for cats/humans that have gone AWOL and/or for appointments cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.)

We arrive with a portable grooming table, clippers, and supplies. Once we are set up (about 3 minutes), we ask that you bring your cat to the grooming table. We begin by clipping your kitty’s nails, then move to grooming and beautifying. Once the grooming is completed, we collect the trimmed fur, gather our wares, and leave you and kitty to enjoy a fabulous new fur-do!

As soon as we finish the final detailing, the vast majority of cats choose to not leave the grooming area and continue their day as if they were not interrupted at all. In the days that follow, most cats have extra energy and are obviously pleased, especially if they had painful mats or heavy coats that they could no longer maintain on their own.


Sanitary Clip $55 / Belly Shave & Sanitary $70
Shave around kitty's private areas and trim nails. Prevents litter box "cling-ons" for overweight, aged, mobility restricted, and long-haired cats. Add $10 to include belly and armpits.

*Additional charges apply for matted and pelted cats and any feces handling.


De-shedding Brushout $105 -$120
Brush-out and nail trim: and optional sanitary/belly trim.

*Additional charges apply for matted and pelted cats and any feces handling.


Lion Cut/Full Clip $115
Full body haircut, style the head and legs, includes nail trim.

*Additional charges apply for matted and pelted cats and any feces handling.